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Scent Marketing

Scent marketing revolves around the fact that a human brain is most receptive, and most likely to form, retain, revisit and reinterpret memory, when all five senses are engaged.

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Scent Science

Scent receptors in the nose connect directly to the section of the brain responsible for memory and emotions. The nose is believed to affect 75% of our daily emotions.

About Us

Our Mission is to Make The World a Better Smelling Place!



AromaTech is a scent marketing company that assists brands in creation of a perfect ambience through scent. AromaTech’s scent technology transforms the perception of your commercial identity and environment into a brand that not only memorable but also unique.

We harness the power of emotion linked with smell and put it to work for your business. We have helped our clients create unique and memorable environments, fix problems with bad odors, and brand products from coffee to designer clothes and perfumes to shampoos. We lure people in, we make them stay longer, we make them want to come back and we make them remember a brand. Our designated fragrance designers can develop any fragrance or combination of fragrances, and put it to work just for you.


AromaTech’s patented cold-air diffusion technology preserves the integrity of essential and aroma oils. Released as a micro-mist, scents are both noticeable and efficient in any sized location. The use of cold air rather than heat diffusion ensures the natural properties of essential oils and delicate aroma oils are maintained, offering customers a consistent scent throughout the entire diffusion process.

Available as portable or fixed units, the sleek design of the diffusers means they can be incorporated into any interior fit out or located out of view. Diffusers are powered by remote control or pre-programmed for set times. Many of the units diffuse multiple scents at alternating intervals.


AromaTech’s scent range offers unlimited possibilities, drawing from 100 pure essential oil blends and more than 70,000 perfume quality aroma oils.

AromaTech’s in-house team of scent designers create signature blends and unique recipes to match the environment or brand of any business. We source the highest quality oils from around the world ensures scents deliver a consistent and appealing smell without the harsh undertones that can be evident in chemical-based scents.

All fragrances are regulated and up to par with the standards set out by IFRA/RIFM.

Our Products

AromaTech is leading the development of aroma technology around the world. Our scent machines are utilized in retail outlets, shopping malls, casinos, hotels, gyms, spas, care homes, museums, theater and events.

The diverse range of scent systems, essential oils and aroma oils provide choice and flexibility in matching and enhancing the mood of any environment at a cost effective price that maintains the integrity and quality of our products.

AromaTech will work with you and for you to cater to your every need.



Who Benefits?

Bars & Night Clubs

Smoke, food, alcohol, and body odours are common complaints in the entertainment industry. Our scent systems can eliminate bad odours rather than simply mask them, while also increasing the average amount your guest spends.

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Gyms & Sport Clubs

Ambient scenting can be used to create an energizing and rejuvenating atmosphere. By diffusing 100% essential oils you can also control airborne bacterias and viruses, and eliminate unpleasant smells.

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Restaurant & Food Sales

Stimulate the sense of smell to promote food sales! Whether it’s the scent of freshly baked bread or roasted coffee, scent can evoke the emotions which will lead to impulse buying.

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Malls & Retail Stores

Research has shown that consumers linger longer in a pleasantly scented environment and are prepared to pay higher prices for goods and services.

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Car Dealerships

Scenting allows you to connect with your customer on an emotional level and make your brand more powerful and memorable. By subtly diffusing pleasant aromas in your car dealership you will create a calming and pleasurable ambiance, which will help you close more deals.

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Hotels & Resorts

Use scent to inspire loyalty among your guests! Scenting helps make hotels more memorable and more pleasurable for your guests.


AromaTech has exported its scent diffusion technology to service industries around the world.


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