Increase Sales

Studies show that scenting increases a consumer's willingness to purchase.

Brand Identity

Portray your brand philosophies, principles, and objectives, while relating to your target audience through scent.

Lingering Longer

Studies have shown that consumers stay up to 44% longer in a pleasant smelling space.

Lasting Impressions

Create a memorable and unique experience for your guests.

Staff Productivity

Research shows that diffusing an energizing scent can increase focus and elevate mood.

Subscription Scenting or Purchase

Looking to scent your business for a low monthly cost?
Choose our All Inclusive Scent Subscription Plan and start scenting for as low as $65/mo. Monthly payments include the supply of the aroma diffuser, fragrance refills and free regular shipping on all scenting refills.

Interested in owning a commercial scent machine for your business?
Visit our online store and purchase a fragrance dispenser and aroma oils to take your ambient scenting to the next level!

What is Scent Marketing? +

Scent Marketing harnesses the power of emotions linked with the sense of smell. This allows your business to connect with your customer’s on an emotional level, making your brand more memorable, recognizable, and more powerful amongst the competitive world. By subtly diffusing pleasant aromas in your business space, you can inspire brand loyalty and increase sales, by creating a more pleasurable experience for your guests and a more productive and energized work space for your staff.

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What is Scent Science? +

Behind the marketing and advertising appeal of a scent, is the science. The human nose is a highly sensitive organ that can detect more than 350,000 different odors. The sense of smell is different from your other senses. Smells are processed by the limbic system, the same part of the brain responsible for memory, perceptions, and emotions. Research shows, the sense of smell affects about 75% of our daily emotions and plays an important role in memory. Scents can dramatically impact behavior and buying decisions by triggering positive emotional responses.

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Why Scent? +

Scent Marketing has become a game changer in increasing sales, heightening value perception, expanding brand recognition, and increasing customer satisfaction. Scent Marketing is more than just diffusing a fragrance in a showroom or lobby. It is the science of taking your company’s marketing message, brand identity, and target audience to create a unique fragrance that accentuates these values. Scenting has the ability to instantaneously trigger memories and even influence behavior. Combining scent and other marketing techniques can significantly amplify a customers experience and create a distinct, memorable connection with your brand.

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How does it work? +

Scenting with AromaTech is Easy!

First, select the scenting system or contact us for a quote that is best for your space.

Next, you can choose to purchase your scent machine and scent, or sign up for an All-Inclusive Scenting Subscription Plan. This plan includes your scent machine and oils shipped to you on a regular basis for free, for a low monthly price starting at $65/mo.

Having Trouble Finding What's Right for Your Business?

Our Scent Marketing Team is happy to help you find the perfect scent for your business. Schedule a call to learn more about AromaTech scent delivery systems or to get samples of our amazing fragrances.