Luxury Hotels: The Difference Is In The Air

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Luxury Hotels: The Difference Is In The Air

Do you ever wonder why high-end hotels make you feel so wonderful you feel obligated to come back and visit in the future? Your mood is so light while staying there makes you want to recommend it to a friend. After all, it is certainly not the price tag that is the selling point for many luxury hotels and in some cases, the amenities can be the same as those at a more basic hotel too.

There just seems to be something drawing you back, and it doesn't have to do with lovely things to look at like the chandeliers at or the noise level with fancy soundproof walls. It isn’t the beautiful bar you visit during happy hour or the 24-hour room service, either. Many would not guess what leaves this lasting impression on a guest staying at a certain hotel, especially a superior one.

Many luxury hotels design their distinct scent and use fragrance diffusers to scent the air in the hotel. Your linens might smell delicate and relaxing with notes like lavender mixed with green tea and sandalwood. These might be notes you'd never pick up on, but are subconsciously comforting you.

Hotels use these specially created aromas to alter or shift guests’ moods subtly. The lobby and waiting areas are likely to have the same aroma because like cleanliness, noise level, and professionalism, a scent is something that guests can notice right away upon walking into a hotel.

Creating a scent is just like creating a logo to brand a particular location or service. Hotels are taking advantage of this to use various fragrance notes to brand their venue as something more special than the rest, setting them apart from their competition. Many hotel fragrances will share common notes because certain notes will bring about feelings of ease, comfort, and most importantly, relaxation. This will create an ideal atmosphere for most hotels regardless of their unique look or original themes.

Giving a guest a feeling that relaxes them can be something they do not often experience and make an impression that is sure to last. Emotion and mood help anyone when determining to return to a hotel, to recommend it to others, or to write a positive review.

Recreating a relaxing hotel atmosphere in your very own home can be easier than you think. Regarding fragrance in the air setting a mood, modern times have shown that this can have a bigger effect than anything that is heard or seen.

You can create your own “hotel atmosphere” right at home with the right candles, diffusers, or take-home room sprays with specific hotel scents linked to them. You can even purchase one of those fancy, ever-so-soft robes that you wear when staying at a high-end lux hotel.

Creating unique scents not only generates income for a hotel based on guest visits and return rate but also by allowing them to sell their specifically-scented products that give guests such a comforted and memorable feeling.

Next time you’re traveling, notice the subtle scent in the air at the hotel you choose. This can go ignored or overlooked by many who are not paying attention to it. It could also be the factor leading you to return to a destination for the ability to relax and feel refreshed.

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