Making Scents of Marketing

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Making Scents of Marketing

The best route to your customers' wallets may be through their noses.

The benefits of Scent marketing is explored in the June/July issue of Costco Connection, and AromaTech's Dimitri Gailit lends his expertise on how to choose the right scent. 
The article discusses a few benefits of scent marketing and studies that support the science behind it. "Retailers should seriously condor ambient scent in their marketing toolbox" suggests Ryerson University Professor Richard Michon, who has published a study where he found that Scenting is "probably one of the least expensive techniques to enhance shoppers' perceptions."

Whether you want to make buyers feel welcome or embed the brand into your customer's brain is going to impact what scent the specialists at AromaTech will recommend. For example, did you know that aromas such as baked foods and citrus can make people happier and nicer, (try this in your customer service area!), or that peppermint and jasmine can energize people? To learn more take a look at the Costco Connection article featuring AromaTech.

Aromatech in Costco Connection

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