Top 5 Brands that Used Scent Marketing to Increase Sales

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Scent marketing is a relatively recent phenomenon that many stores are dabbling with. The premise is simple: scents can trigger certain emotions which can cause us to make more purchases. While the science behind this is much more complicated, most stores turn to scents that make shoppers feel happy, while other stores might turn to scents that cause customers to feel as if they're in a crowded space, encouraging them to regain control by making a high-end purchase.

While the specifics of which scent to use will always be debated, scent marketing has been successful in hundreds of scenarios, with top brands turning to this proven marketing technique. Abercrombie & Fitch is a prominent scent marketing company and probably one of the earliest retailers to use this method. By developing a distinct smell, shoppers could always spot this store in any mall and often equated this smell with their fashionable clothing.

Hugo Boss is another large retailer who uses a distinct scent to appeal to shoppers in their store. This warm scent is a mixture of fragrant greens, rustic earth scents, and a pop of cinnamon. This confident scent often makes buyers feel more certain about the products they are viewing, increasing sales.

Other top companies include Zara, The Ritz-Carlton, and even Mercedes-Benz. These top name brands all have their own signature scents that not only distinguishes them from one another but has also been proven to boost and encourage more sales.

How Does a Signature Scent Play a Role in the Buying Process?

A signature scent can increase sales for brands in a couple of different ways. The first way has to do with the nostalgia benefits of combining a unique smell with your projects, while the second way plays into a shopper's emotions while visiting a store.

When you create a signature scent, you tie that scent to your brand. When you smell that scent (or something similar), it correlates to that sweater you loved from Abercrombie & Fitch and might encourage you to buy more clothing from this company, to hold onto this feeling longer.

The second way a scent can boost sales for your brand is by connecting to the shopper while they are at your store. Scents can be used to increase feelings of happiness while in a store, thus making a customer more likely to make a purchase. This science is two-fold, however, because not only will the feeling of happiness encourage a purchase, it also makes them feel splendid about their purchase. This, in turn, leads them back to the nostalgic benefits of scent marketing, and the cycle continues.

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