Scent Diffusers for your Car


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Scent Diffusers for Your Car-

There’s something about getting behind the wheel that can bring out the worst in us. Running late, heavy traffic, people doing frustrating things that drive us crazy – it’s no wonder so many people show up to work each morning already in a bad mood. If you’re interested in an easy, affordable way to make your commute much more peaceful and pleasant, aromatherapy is the answer.

The essentials+

Essential oils are known not just for their pleasing aromas but also for the effects they can have on your mood. They have grown in popularity in recent years as people discover their benefits, particularly in the professional world. It’s vital that you arrive at work refreshed, focused, and ready to take on the day – and that’s exactly what essential oils can help you accomplish.

The best scents for driving+

When it comes to choosing a fragrance to enjoy while you’re driving, you may be tempted to reach for your favorite ones – but not all scents are ideal for driving. Some scents such as lavender and chamomile – although lovely – can make you feel too relaxed or sleepy to drive safely. Instead, choose scents that revive and refresh you while sharpening your focus. Also, be sure to select a diffuser that uses 100% pure essential oils so that you’re benefitting from the olfactory and therapeutic properties of your oils.

Drive – the world’s first diffuser of its kind+

At AromaTech, we are proud to offer the world’s first pure essential oil diffuser designed for use in vehicles. Unlike other car air fresheners, Drive comes full of 100% pure essential oils to help you feel energized and alert yet calm and focused. Take your pick of scents: Cherry Almond, Ocean, Vanilla, and Pomegranate Plum. Drive requires no batteries and contains no aerosols, propellants, or harmful solvents. It’s also fully recyclable and lasts over 45 days, providing clean, consistent scenting for you to enjoy every time you enter your car.