Using the power of scent to influence consumer behavior isn’t a new concept. For years, retailers have been utilizing unique blends of scents to encourage customers to enter their stores, stay a while, and spend more.

Reports said in 2010, the electronics giant Sony, penetrated the air within their retail stores with a mixture of vanilla and mandarin orange and a hint of bourbon. Sony realized that the aroma of vanilla helps a female who may otherwise be intimated by electronics, feel at ease while the smell of bourbon was added to attract the male customers.

Vegas casinos have jumped on board and are not only offering free drinks to gamblers, but they‘re also offering an olfactory bonus by pumping rich and aromatic combinations into the air, with the intention of encouraging guests to meander, gamble and make a return visit. For years, the mega-casinos have been relying on the magic of aroma to enthral visitors using a unique combination of scents.

The price tag being behind scent marketing isn’t for companies too frugal to invest in the strategy. In fact, the bigger casinos are willing to pay a hefty sum for essential oils disseminated via electronic diffusers strategically placed throughout the casino. Though the metal devices the size of bread boxes don’t represent the largest line item in the casino marketing budget, the pricey oils used can cost thousands of dollars per month.

Originally intended to reduce the overbearing odors of smoke, the idea to bring scent into a gambling establishment was a bit rogue. As the years passed and studies began indicating a positive impact on profits and brand loyalty, the notion of infusing a casino with a signature scent became commonplace.

In 1992, several large Vegas resorts partnered with a new company, AromaSys. The history behind the successful fragrance company’s infiltration of Vegas is as subtle as the specialized odors wafting through the air conditioning vents of every major hotel on the strip. The founder’s innovative design was first implemented in the Mirage hotel using a ground-breaking system that electronically pushes designer fragrances through the casino’s ventilation system. This infusion creates a distinct experience for guests and embeds the customer’s brain with a one-of-a-kind memory.

Although several competitors are offering similar scent systems, AromaSys remains the originator of the casino fragrance industry. The scent combinations used are limited only by imagination, and there are a couple of different ways to ensure the carefully blended oils can reach the guests’ noses. There are plug-in diffusers as well as the electronic system, the latter of which provides a more thorough distribution of essential oils.

Nowadays, you can experience the tropics in the Mirage as the aroma of coconut fills your nose, or enjoy a smell as fresh as the rainforest as you walk through the Wynn.

If it’s the holiday season, you may note a hint of cinnamon apple at the Bellagio or the natural essence of a Japanese Garden in the hotel lobby.

The primitive appeal of scent is something we will never outgrow. As long as the casinos continue to use the power of scent to inspire customers, the scent marketing industry will continue to grow as well.