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Scenting in the home is the perfect way to set the mood or relax after a long day of work.

AromaTech’s signature scents can invigorate or add a luxurious, yet subtle scent to any room. Peppermint or Fresh Eucalyptus in the bathroom are popular choices, while Lavender or Forest are relaxing for the bedroom. Scenting can be used to cover the smell of pets or cooking, or simply to set a mood.

Popular scents for the home include vanilla, fresh air, white tea, or freshly baked cookies. Seasonal scents such as winter pine, freshly cut grass, Hawaiian tropics, gingerbread, candy cane, and pumpkin pie are also well received. and warm home like feel.


AromaTech Diffusers are the most stylish available. Sleek design means they look stylish in any room and are quiet and effective with our unique cold air diffusion. Our method of scent delivery is unmatched as it leaves no residue on floors or furniture.