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Scenting in Car Dealerships

As pioneers in the field of scent marketing AromaTech crafts scent-based ambient environments for leading hotels, casinos, retailers, gyms, restaurants, and other first-class establishments.

We use only high-quality, eco-friendly materials in our scent machines and commercial scents.

AromaTech harnesses the emotional power of the sense of smell.


What is the philosophy of your business? The mood? The feel? Our scent experts can match our commercial aromas to the essence of your business and intentions. You trust designers with your look, DJs with your sound. Trust us with the strongest sense — your business’s scent.


AromaTech scent machines use the cutting-edge technology of ‘cold-air diffusion,’ which ensures the integrity of the fragrance is maintained. Rather than using the less effective, industry-standard method of evaporation, our aroma diffusers process filtered cold air to diffuse the scent in an ultra-dry mist. This results in a subtle, symphonic fragrance without being overpowering.


Our aroma diffusers and commercial aromas are trusted throughout the world by malls, casinos, hotels, gyms, spas, museums, and more. Our range of scents is limitless, drawing from 54 pure essential oil blends and more than 70,000 perfume quality aroma oils.


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