Scenting Your Business Made Easy

It wasn’t that long ago that magazines and newspapers were the only things you could buy using a subscription. This has changed rapidly in recent years. Consumers now have the freedom to purchase almost anything they want with a subscription, from products such as groceries and clothing to services such as on-demand entertainment and cosmetic services.

There are two types of subscription services – access-based and bundle-based. Customers pay a set amount periodically – charged to a designated card – in exchange for a service or product. If the subscription is access-based, the customer receives access to services at their discretion (think Netflix). If it’s a bundle-based subscription, the customer receives a selected product or assortments of products each month.

Benefits of scenting your business

That’s the type of subscription we offer at AromaTech – a bundle-based oil subscription that makes it as easy and cost-effective as possible for you to stay stocked up on your favorite scents. Opting for our oil subscription is a terrific way to ensure that you continue receiving all the benefits of scenting your business, including:

Making a positive first impression.

Ambient scenting can create a pleasant sensory experience that customers enjoy, making your business a place they want to spend their time.

Maximizing employee productivity.

Stimulating scents such as citrus and peppermint have an invigorating effect that can chase away that afternoon slump and keep your team feeling and performing their best.

Improving your air quality.

Scenting your commercial space creates a more enjoyable, healthier environment with improved air quality.

Boosting your customers’ moods.

You can use calming, uplifting scents such as lavender or vanilla to improve your customers’ moods as soon as they step foot in your store.

Increasing sales.

When customers feel good and enjoy the atmosphere in your business, they’ll want to stay longer – and staying longer almost always equals buying more. Scent can also evoke emotional memories that influence buying behaviors.

Removing unpleasant odors.

Just as pleasant smells can attract customers, unpleasant smells will turn them away. Scenting not only makes your business smell nice, but it also ensures it never smells unpleasant.

Advantages of aroma oil subscriptions

You could, of course, simply buy more aroma oil for your diffuser when you run out. However, you’ll be missing out on some significant benefits, including saving money, saving time, and avoiding gaps in your scenting experience. Consider the following benefits of choosing an oil subscription.

It’s convenient.

Convenience is probably the most common reason people choose subscription services – and it’s an excellent Instead of having to remember to place a new order every time you realize you’re out of oil, the oil you need will magically show up at your doorstep like clockwork. The frequency is up to you – just let us know how often you’d like your shipments, and we’ll do the rest.

It saves you money.

Using AromaTech’s oil subscription service saves you money in a couple of ways. First of all, you’ll automatically save 5% on every order when you purchase it via subscription. Also, you’ll receive free shipping on all subscription orders after your first one. That makes our oil subscription the most cost-effective way to scent your business, hands down.

It’s the easiest way to buy aroma oils.

There’s nothing to it – using our oil subscription service could not be easier. With just a few clicks, you can set up your regular aroma oil delivery. You decide which scents and how often. You don’t have to worry about forgetting to order, and you won’t have to go through the ordering process again after the first time.

If you love the benefits scent marketing offers your business and you know you want to keep using it in the future, our oil subscription is the best choice. Not only will you enjoy all the benefits listed above, but you’ll also have a large variety of aroma oils from which you can choose. At AromaTech, we offer our customers a vast selection of luxurious scents. That means that whatever your business goals are, whatever your customer base prefers, and whether you’d like to reduce your employees’ stress or boost their energy levels, you can find the perfect scent.

If you’d like to give scent marketing a try or see for yourself what a difference a scent diffuser can make in the office, check out subscription scenting. You can scent your business for one low monthly fee – simply select our All-Inclusive Scent Subscription Plan and begin scenting immediately for as little as $65/month. This monthly payment includes the aroma oil diffuser, aroma oil refills, and free shipping on all aroma oil refills after the first shipment.

Take advantage of this amazing offer and scent your business for less. We offer a range of diffusers suitable for business use and accessories to enhance your scenting experience. You can find the right diffuser and aroma oils for your business and watch them reduce stress, boost morale, improve sales, and create the productive, positive ambience you want whether your business is a small office or a large retail store. Feel free to contact AromaTech for more information.