There’s something special, magical almost, about staying in a 5-star quality hotel. They have concierge services, fluffy pillows and mattresses, stunning design, and generally offer a plethora of amenities like room service and complimentary coffee. They also take advantage of your senses by offering eye-catching design, signature lighting, and specifically curated music. All of these tools are used to stimulate visitors’ senses to create powerful experiences and memories.

Yet, there’s something else extremely appealing about hotels that make you want to return again and again. It’s a feeling of relaxation and real comfort that washes over you from the moment you step inside, something that feels almost intangible and difficult to describe. Ever wonder what the secret behind this feeling is?

Here’s a hint: it’s not magic. But it’s close. That feeling of comfort and tranquility is often created by using the right aroma. That’s right, the relaxation you experience is actually trigged by scent.

Scent plays a huge role in our moods and though often overlooked, it’s actually one of our most powerful senses. A particular scent can transport you back in time to a nostalgic memory, conjure feelings of happiness and security, and in the cases of most luxury hotels, even relax and comfort you.

How Hotels Create Customized Guest Experiences Using a Signature Aroma

Scent is the holy grail of senses. It makes a huge impact on you, most of the time without you even realizing it. Since the best scents are picked up on subtly, most people fondly remember a hotel, store, or boutique without ever understanding what they loved most about their visit. Just like a logo, hotels are pushing their brand through the use of signature scents and aromas to create a positive, tranquil guest experience.

When it comes to the human brain, smells are recalled more accurately than images. You might forget how that grand and luxurious hotel room looked, but you won’t forget the way it made you feel. And the way it made you feel is often closely linked to aroma. Successful hotels, inns, and bed and breakfasts are taking advantage of this knowledge to better market their specific brand.

The Types of Aromas Commonly Found in Successful Hotels

A lot of time goes into developing and choosing the perfect scent for a hotel. Rustic and outdoorsy inns, for instance, might turn to earthy scents, such as sandalwood, green tea, fresh rain, and even tobacco fragrances. A resort or hotel offering relaxing and peaceful suites and rooms, however, might focus on more tranquil scents, like lavender or chamomile. Hotels might also be adventurous and attempt to come up with their own unique and pleasing scent, to stand out from their competition.

If there’s a particular hotel experience you still fantasize about, try invoking your nostalgia and bringing this scent to your own home using our quality oils and diffusers. Can’t quite recall the fragrance you loved so much? Try our custom scent bundles and shop by mood, instead.