Air Stream Single

Air Stream Single is ideal for multi-room and multi-level scenting

HVAC Scent System

Scenting large spaces has never been easier with the Air Stream Single™ fragrance diffuser. Available in two options Air Stream™ line is designed to scent spaces from 1,000 square feet and up. By discretely connecting to your ventilation system, this HVAC scent machine covers medium to large size spaces such as hotel lobbies, guest corridors, retail floor, gyms, conference rooms, homes and much more.

Air Stream Single™

Casinos. Restaurants. Spas. Homes. No matter the space, our Air Stream Single™ HVAC scent machine connects directly to the HVAC system to deliver scents evenly and discreetly in medium to large spaces, starting at 1,000 square feet. Control scent intensity and timing through the Air Stream Single’s™ control panel to make best use of your business hours. This cold-air fragrance diffuser comes with a 4 liter drum for maximum efficiency. Pair the Air Stream Single™ Scent Machine in a scent bundle to experience some of our most popular scents.

Advanced Scenting Solution

1,000 - 7,000 Square Feet Coverage

Ideal for multi-room and multi-level scenting, the Air Stream Single™ covers 1,000 - 7,000 square feet of space.

Connects to HVAC/ AC

The Air Stream Single™ connects directly into your HVAC system creating a clean and subtle scented environment. Ideal for multi-room scenting.

Scent Intensity & 24/ 7 Timer

Control your scenting with ease. Internal Sun - Mon timer allows you to set the times when you want your space to be scented along with a multi-level scent intensity control.

Technical Details

Air Stream Single™


  • Connect it through the HVAC/AC system
  • Ability to control scent intensity levels with an internal digital timer
  • Program your Store Operating Hours
  • Connected with 1 Diffuser and a 4 liter oil drum.
  • Nanoparticles leave no residue


Dimensions 12” x 6” x 14”
Weight 8 lbs
Coverage 1,000 - 7,000 Sq. Ft
Capacity: 4 litre bottle lasts 8 + months depending on usage and intensity.